" Barnabas in the New Testament is the son of encouragement. It was Barnabas who first received Paul and introduced him to the apostles "

Acts 9:27

About Operation Barnabas

Operation Barnabas, a charitable trust, registered under the Government of Karnataka (IV-4389-96-97) is a service organization seeking to serve the humanity through several development activities as well as 2500 or more local congregations of born again Christians; gathering in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ which is commonly known as "Brethren Assemblies" worldwide. These congregations in India come under the category of "Congregational Church" as defined by the honorable Supreme Court of India. (1961 KHC 340; 1961 KLT SC). By the definition of the honorable court itself, a "congregational Church" is governed by the local congregation and by no outside agency. Ministers in the Church are appointed by the local congregation, the membership and the forms of worship are also decided by the same.

Our Moto

"Serving those who serve"

 Operation Barnabas Moto

Our motto is; "Serving those who serve." Serving the Lord's servants and encouraging them through practical means. Our logo is a graphic of Exodus 17:11-13. The ministry of Aaron and Hur; helping those who lead His people to hold their hands up for victory are much essential today for the final victory.

Barnabas in the New Testament is the son of encouragement. It was Barnabas who first received Paul and introduced him to the apostles (Acts 9:27). He played an important role in recognizing that the movement in Antioch was of the Lord (Acts 11:22-24). He with other brethren reported the great work of God among the Gentiles to many brethren and elders in Jerusalem (Acts 15). His continued interest in John Mark rescued him from possible uselessness and encouraged him for greater service (Acts 15:39, Col.4:10).

The Lord is enabling us to do this ministry of encouragement in a humble way.


Operation Barnabas

Operation Barnabas is managed by six trustees.

      Mr. Antony Poulose, a retired commissioned officer of the Indian Air Force who also worked in the Gulf for many years and at present is an Elder of an assembly in Bangalore;
      Mr. George Thomas, a business man and an elder of an assembly in Bangalore;
      Mr. V.S. Mathews, a retired officer from the Banking sector and is one of the deacons in an assembly in Bangalore;
      Mr. A.D. Rethnakara, a commended worker from an assembly in Bangalore;
      Mr. Roy T. Daniel, a commended worker, also an elder of an assembly in Bangalore;
      Mrs. Bizy E. Daniel, wife of Roy T. Daniel and also commended worker.

Mr. Roy T. Daniel is the visionary of this ministry and also the Managing trustee/Chairman of Operation Barnabas. Both Roy and Bizy are commended workers from the Bethany Gospel Chapel, Regina, Canada.

Financial Policy

We are convinced that the Lord's work should be done with funds provided by the Lord which is through the free will contributions of His people who love Him. The funds we receive are free will contributions from believers who are concerned about the Lord's work in India. Though we do present different needs, before concerned believers, for prayer through our publication "Insight India", we do not involve in any kind of fund raising for any ministry or individual (in 2 Cor. 8 Paul did raise funds) as we are not comfortable with it. Yet the Lord often provided funds through sources which we have not known or had no contact earlier. This proves the faithfulness of God and encourages us to carry on this ministry in spite of many adversities.

We do not give any regular financial support to any workers /Evangelists. At present we are helping the evangelists with medical and educational needs as well as family welfare needs. This is restricted to commended workers only due to the limitation of the finance available. To be eligible for these supports the evangelist should send a written request endorsed by two elders or known brethren in their respective areas to our office. These requests will be considered by the board of trustees and a decision will be taken. The board of trustees reserves the right to accept or reject a request.